Your Weekly Song-10/14/13

Bad Credit No Credit – Shit Hits the Fan


Welcome to the first post of Just Another Listener, a blog written for those looking for new worlds of music. In this column, I’m going to on focus the outliers, the misfits (no pun intended), and the weirdos of popular music. While I’ll mostly focus on rock and pop, I’ll try to occasionally throw in a few curves with jazz and classical, provide a little background and, hopefully, find your new favorite band. That being said, let’s get to the actual song. New “Your Weekly Songs” will be posted every Wednesday.

Bad Credit No Credit are a Brooklyn band who plays fun, experimental rock with horns, electric bass and a screaming singer. Together, they match the energy of bands like the Descendants and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at their prime. “Shit Hits the Fan,” a clusterfuck of a song from 2012’s The Whole Buffalo, is an incredible example of a band perfectly replicating the live atmosphere of an ’80s punk show in the confines of the studio. Listen to the song, and get ready for a raw brass riff and a screaming singer to rip through you like a chainsaw or a pack of wolves. Of course, the song won’t literally mutilate you, but you’ll the chaos will envelope you by the end.

For a live version of the song, check out episode 42 of “The Chris Gethard Show” on Youtube and as a podcast on iTunes for streaming.



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